Breakout Sessions

Circularity and Digital Product Passports (DPPs)

Blyth Gill
Tradle - A First Attempt at Circularity and Digital Product Passports (DPPs) - If at first you don't succeed...
Sharing the journey and learnings from Tradle: A Vancouver-based circular clothing subscription service for new parents and their fast-growing children. A 'new' circular business model and the new digital product passport technology that's finally here to help make the transition happen everywhere, for everyone, all at once.

Cultivating a Size-Inclusive Apparel Brand

Louise Green
In a world where the majority of people are considered larger bodied and outside the “normative”, yet also considered a "niche market” – is your brand recognizing the lucrative and untapped opportunities of honing a more size inclusive brand? Does your brand have the tools, knowledge, and skills to effectively serve this population of millions and do we understand this demographic’s lived experience maneuvering the world in a larger body, and more importantly, the clothing rack? As the future is undoubtedly moving to be more inclusive, is your company and brand striving to meet the diversity and inclusion demand when it comes to people of size? Join me, as we cover this range of topics and work together to be more inclusive.

How to Write SEO-Friendly Content to Help Your Brand Stand Out

Glynis Tao
Learn how to write high-quality blogs and incorporating SEO to help increase conversions and bring traffic to your fashion e-commerce website.
In this session you will learn:
-How creating blogs can benefit your business and brand
-What fashion e-commerce brands should write about
-Tips on crafting high-quality, one-of-a-kind blogs that will stand out and build trust
-How to incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into your blogs to gain more visibility on search engine results and increase website traffic
-Understanding Google’s Helpful Content System

Mapping the Local Fashion System

Sarah Murray
Through an embodied process developed by the Presencing Institute, participants working collaboratively will create a visual representation of the current, local fashion industry. Then using bodies, voices, and a dose of magic, they will reshape the fashion system into their ideal version.
Insights gained through the process will guide the actions of the BC Apparel and Gear Association.

A Mindset for Circular

Bettina Hobson and Nicole Bassett
Join us for a 45-minute hands-on workshop organized around the 3 Horizons framework. You will experience why it is difficult to create innovation inside of current systems and a path for how to move your work towards visionary solutions. This workshop will focus specifically on the future of Circularity for the apparel sector.

Outdoor Retail Trade as a Conduit for Humanity: A Town Hall conversation

James Retty
What has made the retail experience so enjoyable? In short, the people, the experiences and the stories or memories we help formulate with the guests, this is the social, the human, and the caring side of profitable business.
As crafters of garments, gadgets and gear we also share in this creation. How do we get products to our guests? We deliver it through the retail channel which is changing as rapidly as the rest of our world. Does that matter? After all, you make stuff, not sell stuff…. Absolutely it does, so…YES it matters! At its base, retail is an exchange, a sharing of values, ideas, stories and building of community. Our world needs this more than ever, yet we pour significant efforts into de humanizing the retail event. Let’s explore what matters in this transaction of value and values to see what, as creators of the central pillar of this exchange, we can do to increase the demand for our wares.
You create products used by humans, so you are part of the story. The design and delivery of items help weave the social blanket, so what we make, how we market, how we present and deliver these products matters. This interactive Town Hall will give you ideas on how you can tinker or tweak your concepts to make them resonate with your end use consumer. The fabric you choose matters, the production ethos matters, the pricing matters, the delivery matters. Join us and be part of the conversation, absorb ideas, ask questions, and share your ideas. Become part of your customer’s story.
Join James Retty to discuss and probe the concept of retail as a baseline for social connections.

Power of (Speed) Networking

Guided by Miranda Sam
Maybe networking doesn't come naturally to you... that's OK!
Miranda Sam, founder of SHORTLISTED Clothing, will lead this session in a semi- structured way or ApparelCamp attendees to meet each other. She is a natural community builder who believes in the power of connections.
You should consider attending because not everyone stays until 4pm for the official networking sesh. So arrive early because seats are limited!
Who’s this for?
- For absolutely anyone who networking doesn’t come naturally!
- Students, to get your feet wet with meeting industry professionals
- Seasoned fashion professionals, to connect with one another + students
- If you want to attend an interactive session and get something personally
valuable to you.
What you’ll get out of this session:
- How to reframe a “sleazy” term like networking
- Meet other attendees in a quick, casual format
- Connect with industry professionals in a supportive, inclusive environment
- Stay connected with who you meet on LinkedIn

Save time and money with 3D Pattern Making

Darja Zlindra
Darja will walk you through how to efficiently build a brand collection in a short time period and what steps you need to take.
During her presentation she will demonstrate her workflow which eliminates repeats and saves designers time and money.
Her steps will include 3D pattern development and 3D Simulation, Rendering, Pattern adjustment, Grading, Marker making and Garment sewing. Over short presentation I will demonstrate you the whole the process.

Behind the Curtain of 5000 Products: The Secrets to Create Explosive Growth

James Friedrich
Peek behind the curtain of more than 5,000 products to discover the secrets to explosive growth, and save yourself years of trial and error.
Imagine gaining wisdom from some of the top companies in the outdoor industry that have successfully transitioned from struggling to thriving. In this presentation James will share practical insights on how you can do just that, with insights gleaned from years working with thousands of products and hundreds of companies.

AI Mastery for Entrepreneurial Success

Serena Neumerschitsky
AI is revolutionizing small business marketing!
Explore the integration of AI in small business marketing, covering essential AI tools and strategies while engaging in hands-on activities, practical demonstrations, and collaborative discussions to understand how to effectively implement AI for enhanced customer engagement and improved marketing outcomes.

Methods of Fashion Upcycling

Ana D' Carvalho
Introducing "Methods of Fashion Upcycling," a workshop tailored for anyone seeking innovative approaches to design through upcycling. Departing from the traditional linear stage of creation, this workshop embraces a spiral of solutions, prioritizing creativity, shapes, and colours to transform waste into garments.
We'll delve into four upcycling methods, spanning from macro to micro levels of design, equipping participants with educational frameworks to explore forgotten materials and inspire sustainable fashion practices. From reimagining design principles to problem-solving through design, this session offers a fresh perspective on fashion innovation inspiring future designers to rethink the possibilities of design and problem-solve for a better future.

Utilize De-Minimis Rules for Export around the Globe

Dave Pentland
How to utilize De-Minimis rules for export around the globe, including sec 321 for shipments into USA
A minimum value defined by a country required to apply customs duty and tax rates on imported goods. Did you know? Not every shipment is taxed on import. Many countries have a de minimis threshold, under which shipments are cleared without incurring customs duties or taxes.

How to Lower Import Duties

Dave Pentland
How to lower Import duties by understanding and using Canadas Free Trade Agreements. USMCA, CPTPP, CUFTA, CKFTA, CIFTA, etc.

The Case for Made to Measure

Cheryl LeBarr
In this session we will explore the potential upsides and barriers to Made to measure and Made to order manufacturing in the Apparel industry. We will discuss how the industry has evolved from its origins in Tailoring through to the industrial revolution and how we can harness the benefits of modern technology to leverage the benefits. We will discuss lessons learned along the way in building a Made to Measure brand in the current landscape.

The Modern Outdoor Industry, Where do we go from here?

Rick Meade
With a touch of history and dose of industry trivia, let’s look at the Northwest roots of the Outdoor Specialty Industry and project forward. The international Covid crisis accelerated change and our industry is in a particular moment of transition. How do we serve the next generation of outdoor participants and minimize impact to our planet amidst global shifts and retail challenges.

10 Lessons from 8 years of Owning an American Garment Factory

Bill Amos
Really damn hard but definitely not impossible: ten lessons from eight years of owning an American garment factory

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Alice Scheuerman
Visual storytelling is a powerful tool that can make or break your brand in the competitive fashion industry. As a director of media production and digital marketing agency with 8 years in the Vancouver fashion industry, I have seen first-hand the impact that compelling photos and videos can have on a brand's online presence and sales. In my talk, I will discuss the key elements of creating a strong visual story for your fashion brand, including the importance of branding, the use of storytelling techniques, and tips for creating captivating photos and videos. I will also share case studies and insights from my own experience working with international designers and brands who were at Vancouver Fashion Week. Whether you are just starting out in the fashion industry or looking to elevate your brand to the next level, this talk will provide valuable insights and practical strategies for creating a strong visual story that will attract more customers and increase sales.

Interested in leading your own session at ApparelCamp?

Reach out to and we’ll help you prepare.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Do you have a story that could help others to learn from your experience?
  2. Present a case study of a time that you and your team developed a new product, entered a new market, took a risk, innovated etc.
  3. Do you have an idea for an interactive workshop? Use your creativity to develop a hands-on presentation that gets the audience engaged!
  4. Don’t want to be the only person in front of your peers? In a panel discussion, a moderator facilitates questions from the audience or a series of prepared questions for the panelists, but a significant part of the session is still interactive with a Q&A with the audience.
  5. Lead a Town Hall – The leader presents a short (20-30 minute max) informative topic, open-ended question or premise and opens the floor for expansion, comment, questions and general discussion.