How do I vote for my favourite topics?

  1. Make sure you have registered for the event
  2. We use a platform called Election Runner. Look for an email from Election Runner. (This may take a half a day because we have to manually add your email to their platform.)
  3. Enter the provided Voter ID and Voter Key ( hint: they are the same code that is provided)
  4. Select your top 5 topics that you’d like to hear.
  5. Look for the schedule that will be updated the week before so you can plan your day!

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

I don’t want to suggest a topic or speak in front of people. Can I still attend?

Absolutely! In fact, we need you to make this a great event! As a participant, you can join 5 breakout sessions (each 45 minutes long) throughout the day, running different topics concurrently in 3 different rooms, so you are free to roam between rooms and listen to the topics that most interest you.

I want to lead a session at ApparelCamp. What should I do?

Send your topic idea to info@apparelcamp.org and we will add your bio and your topic idea to our website. 1 week before the event, we will conduct online voting with registered participants and this will determine the day’s schedule! Get ready to lead a 45 minute session if your topic gets voted on to the schedule!

I have volunteered to lead a session. Am I guaranteed to get a spot on the schedule?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. Because this is an “unconference” event, the topics will be voted on to the schedule by participants 1 week before the event. This means that you will also need to secure your own ticket to ApparelCamp.

I have been selected to speak and lead a breakout session. Do I still have to pay for a ticket?

Yes. And think of the great exposure you will get as a subject matter expert! We are happy to connect you with past speakers to learn the benefits of leading a session. Ticket holders also get food and drinks all day thanks to our wonderful event sponsors.

I want to sponsor the event and take advantage of  promoting my business in the exhibition hall. Do I still have to pay for a ticket?

No, we will give you and your team access to the full event.

I still have questions. What should I do?

Email us at info(at)apparelcamp(dot)org