2024 Schedule

April 20th 2024


Schedule of Events

AM 08:00 ~ 8:45


Breakfast & Networking opportunity.

AM 8:45 ~ AM 9:15

Opening Remarks

Intro to how the day will unfold

AM 9:15 ~ AM 10:00

Keynote Speaker

Nicole Bassett, Circularity Lead Bleckmann, Co Founder The Renewal Workshop

AM 10:15 ~ AM 11:00

Breakout Session #1

Room A: A Mindset for Circular

Speakers: Bettina Hobson and Nicole Bridger

Room B: How to Write SEO-Friendly Content to Help Your Brand Stand Out

Speaker: Glynis Tao

Room C: The Outdoor Retail Trade as a Conduit for Humanity

Speaker: James Retty

AM 11:15 ~ Noon

Breakout Session #2

Room A: The Case for Made to Measure

Speaker: Cheryl LeBarr

Room B: Methods of Fashion Upcycling

Speaker: Ana D'Carvalho

Room C: 10 Lessons from 8 Years of Owning an American Garment Factory

Speaker: Bill Amos

Noon ~ PM 1:00


"Networking Lunch"

PM 1:00 ~ PM 1:45

Breakout Session #3

Room A: Behind the Curtain of 5000 Products: The Secrets to Create Explosive Growth

Speaker: James Friedrich

Room B: Circularity and Digital Passports (DPPs)

Speaker: Blyth Gill

Room C: How to Lower your Import Duties

Speaker: Dave Pentland

PM 2:00 ~ PM 2:45

Breakout Session #4

Room A: Cultivating a Size-Inclusive Apparel Brand

Speaker: Louise Green

Room B: AI Mastery for Entrepreneurial Success

Speaker: Serena Neumerschitsky

Room C: Mapping the Local Fashion System

Speaker: Sarah Murray

PM 3:00 ~ PM 3:45

Breakout Session #5

Room A: The Modern Outdoor Industry, Where do we go from here?

Speaker: Rick Meade

Room B: The Power of Visual Storytelling

Speaker: Alice Scheuerman

Room C: Power of (Speed) Networking

Speaker: Miranda Sam

4:00 PM - 5:00PM

Closing Remarks

The Bar OPENS!  Beer and Wine will be served.