2018 Speakers

Joël Mertens

Product Engineering and Compliance, MEC
A member of MEC’s Product Integrity team, Joël applies his background in Chemical and Materials Engineering to manage how MEC considers technologies and manufacturing choices as part of “Better Product. Better Made.” Working with the Quality Engineering team, Joël provides information and guidance to the design and development teams – enabling deliberate decisions to ensure that adopted technologies are fit-for-purpose (function and quality) and chosen with lowest environmental impact in mind. This holistic perspective ensures progress towards long-term impact reductions is integrated within the day-to-day processes of developing the best possible product for our membership.


  • - Product Integrity; Better Product. Better Made.

Samantha Kuchmak

Manager, Social Responsibility and Compliance, MEC
Samantha sits with the Product Integrity team, leading one of the foundation pillars for how MEC creates product: social responsibility. Fulfilling MEC’s commitment to - Better Product. Better Made. Samantha has been apart of the social responsibility team for the past seven years – leading MEC through Fair Labor Association Accreditation, growth of the Fair-Trade USA program with the MEC-label, multiple brand and supplier assessment and training collaborations, MEC’s supply chain adoption of the Higg Index and Social Labor Convergence Project, and MEC’s journey to greater transparency and public disclosure of the supply chain. Needless to say, no two days are the same for Samantha. Samantha is a collaborator at heart – committed to being part of the solution to achieve more responsible sourcing decision – both for MEC and throughout her own consumer behaviours.


  • - Product Integrity; Better Product. Better Made.
Presenter Irina Molohovsky McKenzie

Irina Molohovsky McKenzie

Frameworq, Director
Irina is a social entrepreneur and an avid advocate of the Circular Economy and Sustainability in the Fashion Industry. Taking special interest in Textile Waste, Irina founded FABCYCLE, a B2B collection service of textile waste to enable designers to disrupt the cycle of garment production and transform waste into resources by finding innovative outlets to Reuse, Recycle and Recover Fabric Waste. Prior to FABCYCLE, Irina has founded Frameworq, an event based initiative that brings together designers and consumers to explore the relationship we have with our clothes using a hands on experiential approach. Frameworq has partnered with various organizations to fuse collaboration and curiosity into sustainability in apparel, hosting events such as design challenges, recurring fix it events, clothing swaps, exhibitions and fashion shows.


  • - Textile Waste Diversion - Overview and Innovations

Pete Hill

Pete Hill Ltd
Pete is the founder of Pete Hill Ltd, a design and development firm specializing in hard goods and accessories in the outdoor and photo industries. For the past 30 years he has been designing and building the right products, on time and on budget for leading companies in the US, Canada and Europe. He has also been having a great time loosing and finding his way through the wild places of the world.


  • - Innovation, just the current favorite buzz word
ApparelCamp presenter 2017 | Pete Frickland

Pete Frickland

Principal, Concurrent Product Development LLC
Since the mid-'70’s, Pete has been involved in developing new and improved products and driving them to market. Beginning with build-to-print composite aerospace components, he graduated to one-off build-to-spec deep space and terrestrial applications at CalTech/JPL. From there, he moved to Seattle to head consumer-driven product development at Cascade Designs. During his 20 years at Cascade, he oversaw the integrated growth and development of several well-known product-driven outdoor brands, including Therm-a-Rest, MSR, SealLine, Platypus, PackTowl, and Tracks. Along the way, he was instrumental in the development and commercialization of hundreds of new products. For the past 12 years, Pete has been an independent consultant specializing in the application of pragmatic product development management processes, methods, and tools that have proven themselves to be effective at getting more of the right products to market, faster, and with fewer resources.


  • - Tools for Product Managers in Specialty Industries
Presenter Lynette Seebohm

Lynette Seebohm

Principal, Concurrent Strategies LLC
Lynette has more than 20 years of market research, strategic, operational and financial planning in organizations ranging from 20 to more than 5000 employees. Her interests include exploring the analytics of competitive space, understanding consumer needs, and creating super-charged employee engagement that delivers new insights, dynamic business tools, and business analytics that leads to success. Engaging strategic line planners, designers, and product or program development managers is her area of expertise. Before founding Concurrent Strategies she worked as a Senior Consultant at Concurrent Product Development where she developed new approaches for consumer segmentation studies and functional line plans for small- and mid-sized consumer goods manufacturers. Prior to that, she held senior management roles as the Assistant Vice President for Strategic Planning, University of Utah’s Health Sciences group and as the Director of Strategic Planning at the MetroHealth System, a large teaching hospital affiliated with Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.


  • - Tools for Product Managers in Specialty Industries