Topics 2019

Proposed Topics for 2019

Tips and Tricks when Selecting and Developing Fabrics

Ruth Kelly – Founder of Weft x Warp – Fabric Development Consultancy
Get the fabrics right and the garments will be right! Raw materials are 50% of the cost of your garment, so mistakes can be very costly and stressful. Using lots of storytelling, Ruth’s experiences developing and sourcing technical fabrics for lululemon, this interactive workshop will explore: *How to find good suppliers *Barriers to overcome *Developing vs. Sourcing your own fabrics *There will also be lots of opportunity for Q&A

Crowdfunding your Way to Success

Steven Sal Debus- Director/Designer/ Marketing Consultant and
Get Explosive Growth. Crowdfunding and the New Marketing Model. In this presentation Steve will not only talk about how to explode your growth through crowdfunding but also other proven strategies to get your audience begging for more. List of points covered: *What is this model? *Why is this model changing the business world for the better. *Why crowdfunding is the greatest thing to happen to entrepreneurs in the history of the business world. *The real value in crowdfunding for your brand. Hint. Audience building. *How to make it work for your unique brand or new product. *How to know if your project will succeed before you start. *Why the process of crowdfunding is the model for all great online marketing. This presentation is for marketing professionals, designers, start ups, small business owners, midsized companies looking for growth and new product developers.

Making Dollars and Sense of your Clothing Brand

Andrew Drigola- Director of Operations & Relationship Management at Apparelmark
Are you starting a new brand? Let's talk smart fund management, operations and growth when it comes to starting a clothing brand. We'll cover: *Tips on creating and sticking to a budget for your brand *Suggestions on how to get access to growth capital *How to stretch your dollar to its maximum while building your brand *Information on some of the hidden pitfalls and costly mistakes as you launch your brand *So much more!

Interested in leading your own session at ApparelCamp?

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Here are some ideas:

  1. Do you have a story that could help others to learn from your experience?
  2. Present a case study of a time that you and your team developed a new product, entered a new market, took a risk, innovated etc.
  3. Do you have an idea for an interactive workshop? Use your creativity to develop a hands-on presentation that gets the audience engaged!
  4. Don’t want to be the only person in front of your peers? In a panel discussion, a moderator facilitates questions from the audience or a series of prepared questions for the panelists, but a significant part of the session is still interactive with a Q&A with the audience.
  5. Lead a Town Hall – The leader presents a short (20-30 minute max) informative topic, open-ended question or premise and opens the floor for expansion, comment, questions and general discussion.