Proposed Topics for 2019

Aerodynamic Optimization of High Performance Apparel

Len Brownlie, Ph.D President, Brownlie Management Ltd. (DBA a West Vancouver based sports aerodynamics consultancy
This 45 min. presentation will review aerodynamic principles as applied to high performance apparel design with specific examples of how textile and prototype suit testing in a wind tunnel will assist Olympic athletes reach peak performance through drag reduction and improved ventilation. Like Formula 1 or the NASA Space Program, innovations from high performance can be adapted to consumer products.
Case studies will include: Canada’s Ownthepodium2010 “Top Secret” program; customized downhill skiing race suits produced by Helly-Hanson/Qwixskinz that were worn by 3 Canadian medallists at the 2017 World Alpine Championships; fabric and kinesio-tape imprinted vortex generators (Nike Aeroblades®) worn by numerous track athletes and medallists at the 2016 Rio Olympics and multi-fabric speedskating and cycling time trial suits (Nike Swiftskins and Swiftspins) that have been worn by world record holders and Olympic medallists, including 16 of 30 long track gold medallists at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.
Who Should Attend:
Designers, Developers, Industrial Designers, Design Engineers, Product Managers and Directors and of Product Development, Design, Marketing, and Innovation.
1) How aerodynamic drag affects athletic performance;
2) How to translate wind tunnel data into high performance apparel design;
3) Design techniques to reduce drag;
4) learnings on improving air ventilation through apparel.

Crowdfunding your Way to Success

Steven Sal Debus- Director/Designer/ Marketing Consultant and
Get Explosive Growth. Crowdfunding and the New Marketing Model.
In this presentation Steve will not only talk about how to explode your growth through crowdfunding but also other proven strategies to get your audience begging for more.
List of points covered:
*What is this model?
*Why is this model changing the business world for the better.
*Why crowdfunding is the greatest thing to happen to entrepreneurs in the history of the business world.
*The real value in crowdfunding for your brand. Hint. Audience building.
*How to make it work for your unique brand or new product.
*How to know if your project will succeed before you start.
*Why the process of crowdfunding is the model for all great online marketing.
This presentation is for marketing professionals, designers, start ups, small business owners, midsized companies looking for growth and new product developers.

Go-to-Market - How to Build & Launch Products that are Amazing AF

James Friedrich, Merchant (Buyer) at MEC
James has been on both sides of the table: from developing and pitching products, to being pitched to as a retail buyer. In this talk James shares the biggest insights he's learned from seeing the inner workings of start-ups to globally recognized brands. With actionable examples this presentation will provide a unique overview, helping you Go-to-Market with products that are amazing AF.
Who Should Attend:
Anyone involved in product creation and commercialization: designers, developers, product managers, marketers, sales people and senior leadership.
The Simple Secret - Organizing your Go-to-Market Cadence
You Don’t Know Anything - Listening to your Customers
First Idea = Worst Idea - Innovation through Iteration
Baseball has Three Strikes, you get One! - Organizing your Pitch

Hacking Social Media to Co-create

Arthur Kononuk, Creative Director at tentree
Let's talk about the changing nature of influencer marketing. Increasingly, we are seeing a number of fake influencers with fake followers which drive down quality and authenticity. Consumers are craving to connect and be a part of REAL change and real conversation. What about using social media for good, going back to the roots of what it was made for—conversation.
Then, how can we Co-create with our customers? Why co-create? And How? I'll show you the key tools to ask real customers what they want.
I'll provide simple and achievable examples of testing done at tentree and show some results of a few products we have co-created and sold out!

Intellectual Property 101: Spotting Issues

Stephanie Melnychuk, Associate at Oyen Wiggs Green & Mutala LLP
Intellectual property (“IP”) is at the heart of a company’s ability to build a distinctive brand with proprietary design staples. IP refers to the inventions, literary and artistic works, aesthetic designs, and logos, names and slogans used in commerce. Despite the importance of IP, it is commonly misunderstood.
This session looks at the different forms of IP, how they apply to the apparel industry, and some common pitfalls to avoid in securing and maintaining rights.

Making Dollars and Sense of your Clothing Brand

Andrew Drigola- Director of Operations & Relationship Management at Apparelmark
Are you starting a new brand? Let's talk smart fund management, operations and growth when it comes to starting a clothing brand.
We'll cover:
*Tips on creating and sticking to a budget for your brand
*Suggestions on how to get access to growth capital
*How to stretch your dollar to its maximum while building your brand
*Information on some of the hidden pitfalls and costly mistakes as you launch your brand
*So much more!

A Recipe for Successfully Being Creative

Kenneth Bontje, Senior Industrial Designer & Product Line Manager at Aqua Lung
Meat: Give a presentation providing a visual step by step map of how to take a creative idea and guide it through the corporate system, in 45min
Potatoes: Ask a few people what their position are in their respective companies and show them where their effectiveness lies on the map

Tips and Tricks when Selecting and Developing Fabrics

Ruth Kelly – Founder of Weft x Warp – Fabric Development Consultancy
Get the fabrics right and the garments will be right! Raw materials are 50% of the cost of your garment, so mistakes can be very costly and stressful.
Using lots of storytelling, Ruth’s experiences developing and sourcing technical fabrics for lululemon, this interactive workshop will explore:
*How to find good suppliers
*Barriers to overcome
*Developing vs. Sourcing your own fabrics
*There will also be lots of opportunity for Q&A

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  1. Do you have a story that could help others to learn from your experience?
  2. Present a case study of a time that you and your team developed a new product, entered a new market, took a risk, innovated etc.
  3. Do you have an idea for an interactive workshop? Use your creativity to develop a hands-on presentation that gets the audience engaged!
  4. Don’t want to be the only person in front of your peers? In a panel discussion, a moderator facilitates questions from the audience or a series of prepared questions for the panelists, but a significant part of the session is still interactive with a Q&A with the audience.
  5. Lead a Town Hall – The leader presents a short (20-30 minute max) informative topic, open-ended question or premise and opens the floor for expansion, comment, questions and general discussion.